Put the SIZZLE and the SEXY Back in Your Marriage!

What Was the Last Steamy Text Message You Sent?

Steamy text messages are a great way to get the fire started with your partner while he/she is at work during the day.  Build that anticipation up over a period of hours, and when they arrive home – you will have set the stage for a passionate interlude.

Not sure what to say?  Think TALK DIRTY!  Whatever words get your partner hot and bothered in person are likely to do the same over a text message. or at least get them thinking along those lines!

You might even try adding a hot and sexy photo of you in on that text message.  Be as erotic as you are comfortable with!  With most of us having a camera on our cell phones these days, that’s an often quick and easy addition to the message.

To turn up the heat, send a few text messages, build the anticipation, send another and add a photo or two, then have them begging for you!  Next step may be to slip away to a quiet spot alone to carry out a bit of phone sex – if your partner (or you!) really can’t wait!

A great way to add some SIZZLE into your relationship.  Especially for you women.. nothing turns a man on more than initiating sex from a distance.  Tease him, play with him, arouse him.   All by text (and a brief but intense bit of phone time!).

Suggestions on what to text?  Tell us if you are a man or a woman when you post a comment, and share what you would like to hear to get the juices flowing from viewing a text message!

Ladies:  Here’s an interesting (and so true!) TEXT, taken from the book Texts from Last Night by Lauren Leto and Ben Bater…

“90% of the problems in your life are directly related to your vagina.”


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