Put the SIZZLE and the SEXY Back in Your Marriage!

Totally Sexy… A Booty Tattoo!

Hey ladies, looking for something totally sexy to do for your man?  Here’s a red hot tip that will definitely spice things up in the bedroom… get a booty tattoo!    Now don’t freak out at the thought if you have never done anything this risky.   There are what are called “henna” tattoos, which are completely temporary and are gone after a couple days to two weeks, depending on the ink and your bathing habits.

The nice thing about a booty tattoo is that it is there just for your man to see.   So he will know you did it for him.  Get creative, or, like the picture shown, do something he can’t resist…  tattoo his name on your body!   Now I would not suggest that with a permanent tattoo, but for the temps, it’s sure to intensify the fire!

Who knows, after wearing it, you might find it so sexy you want to go permanent with a symbol, slogan, or design that is unique and special to you.   Just make sure if you consider going permanent, that you choose a tattoo you can live with for the rest of your life.  It is in fact, permanent.

What design to choose?   Surf the internet and come up with some ideas to take to your local tattoo shop.   The artists can then assist you with creating a design unique to you, based on the concepts you have brought them.    Many do free consultations to help you with this process.

Ask around among others who have had tattoos done to make sure you find someone reputable.   Then take a visit and get the process started!   Once you nail down the design, you can then make your appointment to have the tattoo artistically created on your body.   Not pain free of course, but so worth it for the long-term super sexy value added!

Do something different!   Venture out of that neat little conventional sex box and get your sexy on with a booty tattoo!   He will love it!!


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