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Does the Topic of SEX Excite You or Scare you?


Looking to expand your horizons and add some sizzle to the bedroom?  Would you like to be more informed about sexuality and your body?  Intrigued by the subject matter?


Whatever your reason for visiting, our Sexual Health & Education section will arm you with new tidbits of information – some long, some short – on the topic of male-female sexuality.



God’s perfect design for this special relationship is within the context of marriage.   However, we do realize that how you approach your sexuality is a personal choice, and that single or married, it is important to have access to information and resources about your body.


Some of the content is fun, some factual, with a variety of media links (articles, videos, etc.).   Our goal is to help you feel more comfortable and confident with your body and be able to explore new heights of pleasure safely.