Put the SIZZLE and the SEXY Back in Your Marriage!

Heart Health and Sex

In doing research for my next book on the health benefits of sex,  I have come across a vast amount of medical research that validates all the more reasons why we should all strive for an active and healthy sex life with the one we love.

For MEN (especially older men) – having sex and ejaculating 3 or more times per week reduces the risk of heart attack or stoke by 50%!

For WOMEN – the inability to reach orgasm has a negative impact on a woman’s heart as well.  65% of women patients who had experienced a heart attack reported having trouble with sex.

Ouch!  Time to stoke up that love machine, get that blood flowing, and that heart pumping!   More sex, healthier heart.  Gotta love THAT!

“An orgasm a day keeps the coroner away!”

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