Put the SIZZLE and the SEXY Back in Your Marriage!

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Not your average topic, that’s for sure!  Looking to add some zing to your meeting agenda?  Infuse your women’s group with some lively, entertaining, and educational conversation?  Then it’s time to book a Fabulously Female! presentation.

Tami Cox speaks on the topics of intimacy/sexuality, love, and self-image.  Her presentations are intended for women only audiences and can be customized to the time allotment of your event.  Below are current presentations you may choose from, or if you prefer, Tami can customize one for your group.


Start His Engine          #1 Requested Presentation

This is for women who want to improve their relationship with the man they love, and either keep the spark alive or rekindle one that has faded.  We will talk about what gets your man’s attention more than anything, and how you as a woman can reach the core of his being – what matters to him.

Men and women were created to be different.   When you understand and embrace his manhood, you will see your interpersonal relationships with men begin to change. Most especially, the man you love  Read MORE


Fairy Godmother Please… Make Me HOT!

Once upon a time, a fairy godmother appeared to grant some very special wishes to a lovely lady.  In an instant, she was transformed, her life changed and she lived happily ever after with her prince.  If only it could be so easy!

We don’t really have magic wands, or drive off in pumpkins turned into carriages – but there are a great number of tips that can help the average woman enhance her beauty and be that beautiful princess!  … Read MORE


Oh, My Body!

Designed as a fun and lively adult “sex ed” class for women, Oh, My Body! Will help you to understand your body as a woman, and his, so you can both experience greater sexual pleasure.  From the basics of human reproductive anatomy to locating and being aware of the pleasure zones, you’ll get a handle on the basics rarely talked about that can make every difference in your sex life. … Read MORE


Coping in Separation

If you are experiencing crisis in your marriage where separation has occurred, chances are, you are going through a roller-coaster of emotions that may seem difficult to navigate.

In this presentation, we will talk about strategies to help you cope with this transition time in your marriage and take positive actions to heal your broken heart.  … Read More