Put the SIZZLE and the SEXY Back in Your Marriage!

The Fabulously Female! Story

When I (Tami Cox) was a young girl, I would frequent the cosmetic section at the local store.  I loved going in and seeing all the pretty colors and smelling the variety of fragrances before me.  I could entertain myself for hours! It seemed that when I was there, time stood still.  Testers were such a blessing!

I did not know it at the time, but God was developing in me a very important component to the woman I am today… the appreciation and value in being female… Fabulously Female!

As an elementary student, I stood out from the blue jean wearing crowd by exploring my feminine side and being proud of it – as I was not intimidated in the least to wear dresses and lip gloss.

I wore tutus and fancy leotards as I leapt confidently in front of the mirrors in dance class.

As a middle school student, I continued my dance in a more choreographed way and found my way to exploring makeup for the first time with strategy.

When my classmates in science class were coming up with complicated formulas to understand how the world works, I was daydreaming about making the world a more beautiful place and thinking about how that pretty pink dress sparkled and made me feel like the sun was shining – even on a rainy day.

As a high school student, I was intrigued with how I was able to meticulously maintain clear skin in a time of fluctuating hormones.  I learned how to grow those pretty nails myself that you see in magazines, and stop biting them!  And even though I ditched the dresses, I still found a way to be uniquely me and express my feminine side.  I ran in a local beauty pageant and won the title, but not without the two year lesson of perseverance.

At the age of 16, I started my first business, which would set the stage not for just a future career, but a lifestyle.  It wasn’t long before I was promoting looking your best to women, selling cosmetics and doing makeover presentations.

In the college years as my beauty business continued, I went on to pursue a formal education, and added modeling school to my feminine adventure list – where I learned how to walk like a girl, wear clothes with poise, trick a camera with make up, sit with my legs crossed “the right way”, and many other lessons surely good for any networking event.

My enjoyment in dancing remained a constant, and proved to be an excellent way to stay in shape, long before the fitness center craze really began.  But this time, no tutus.

Years passed, love struck, I married and the children came.. three blessings.  Along this journey of family, I stayed true to expressing my feminine side and helping other women to do so.  There was always the latest skin cream on my bathroom counter, a splash of fragrance in my car, and a tote full of marketing brochures ready and waiting to seize the moment and embrace being a woman.

I ran for Mrs. Minnesota-America, hit the screen with my own television show for seven years, and began focusing on speaking and writing.  In 1998 I wrote and published my first book.

Since those early days, I have maintained dual career interests between the business world and the beauty industry.  God has brought me from glamour, to education, to financing where I spent twelve years of my professional life – to talking about intimacy & sexuality.

I have learned how to play with the heavy hitters and male dominated industry of commercial real estate and still hold my head up high as a female… as the girly girl, ultra feminine woman God created me to be.

He has shown me that you make your best statement when you are being yourself, and not only do men respect it – they prefer and are drawn to it.  Loafers, a suit jacket, and slacks – although common for business – are not sexy attire, nor are they remotely attractive… for women.

Over the years I’ve learned that being fabulously female not only affects the confidence in myself, but also greatly impacts personal and professional relationships.  Especially love relationships. And if you want to keep your man happy, your husband satisfied – being feminine and showing him what makes you uniquely a woman is the best gift you can give him!

Invest in yourself and you invest into the future health of your love relationships, and ultimately your marriage.

God created women and men to have physical characteristics different from one another by design.  It’s time we embrace being female and stop trying to be like a man.  This is out of purpose for us as women, and a whole lot less fun!

Regardless of where you are today, come with me on a journey to appreciating and valuing the woman God has called you to be, and to learn and grow through a series of presentations created to help you gain confidence and be Fabulously Female!

Putting the SIZZLE and the SEXY back in your marriage  starts with a  spark ignited within you.  It takes two to make a marriage, but one to get the fire started!  With time, that spark can multiply into an amazing fireworks display.

You can do it for that special man you have or want in your life, but more importantly, you should do it for you. Because you’re worth it, you have value, and the confidence you express as a woman affects every area of your life.

Start really living and enjoy being Fabulously Female!