Put the SIZZLE and the SEXY Back in Your Marriage!

How Can Coaching Help?

Love Coaching can help you achieve specific goals in love, dating, relationships, marriage, romance, intimacy, and sexuality.  Consider common reasons clients request coaching:

  • To improve on a personal level and increase their level of attractiveness. 
  • To gain new ideas and strategies for increasing the level of romance/intimacy in their marriage.
  • To discuss current values and perceptions about love, intimacy, and sexuality – opening up the creative process for exploration and fulfillment.
  • To gain confidence sexually, so they are better able to please themselves and their spouse.
  • To be educated in aspects of sexuality, arousal, and how their body functions – in a way that allows for questions in a non-intimidating way, free of judgment.
  • To have a better understanding of available products that can enhance the sexual experience for themselves and/or their spouse.
  • To preserve marital fidelity (or celibacy as a single) by understanding how to self-care sexually.
  • To learn about safe approaches to dating, especially online, and ways to meet the opposite sex.

Remember, a Love Coach is a professional like other coaches, who helps with a specific area of your life – your love life! While we recognize many other factors affect the dynamics of relationships, your Love Coach will be purposed on helping you become a better lover to your spouse and enrich your marriage by expanding your romantic and sexual horizons.


NOTE:  At The Business of Love, we support the man-woman sexual relationship, and all coaching sessions are assumed within this perimeter.