Put the SIZZLE and the SEXY Back in Your Marriage!

Creating a Radically Intimate Marriage…

Hello and welcome to The Business of Love.  In case you are not familiar with how we got started, back in 2008 I started this business as a way to share my life experiences with others, after having gone through an eighteen year marital relationship.

I came to the conclusion that through the process of divorce and entering the dating scene again – there were many valuable things I learned that could benefit the lives of others. And thus, The Business of Love was born.

It’s difficult for couples today to stay married and there are a number of components that make for a great marriage. If you have been in a long term relationship or marriage, you know what the two “biggies” are:  (1) money and (2) sex.  For some reason, few people want to talk about the issues they face in these areas (at least not openly) and yet, they are tearing marriages apart.

While we can’t help you with all aspects of your marriage – we can help you focus on the one core area that affects every other aspect of your relationship – intimacy and your sex life. We want to help you put the spark back in your marriage and truly celebrate each other. I like to call it “the SIZZLE and the SEXY”, which is turning out to be a pretty hot topic when I attend networking events and do speaking engagements (never a boring moment!).

When things are going well in the bedroom, communication is more open, problems get solved, family life becomes a bit easier, and there is more contentment in the marriage (way to go oxytocin – the “bonding hormone”!). In contrast, a poor sex life leads couples down the road to an unsatisfying relationship, infidelity, or divorce – possibly all three!

When you stop making love, war breaks out.  Have you ever noticed how a hot and heavy lovemaking session refreshes your marriage?  Well, that’s the target!

The goal is to have a healthy and satisfying marriage where you both feel loved (women) and respected (men). While you cannot control the actions or attitudes of another person, there are things you can do to initiate positive change and maintain a fantastic love life with your spouse!

As a former wife and a mom of three, I know how challenging it can be when life gets in the way of that special bonding time with the one you love. But you can choose to change the elements in the romance department and make your love life better. Armed with knowledge, products, and desire… who knows how hot it can get when the fires of romance kindle!

Let us help you put the SIZZLE and the SEXY back in your marriage!